Mathematics 2142

 Advanced Calculus II

Spring, 2014

Section 1:     M MSB 315 12:20 - 1:10    
                          TuTh MSB 411
12:30 - 1:45

Section 3:     M MSB 315 12:20 - 1:10    
                          TuTh MSB 117
2:00 - 3:15

Instructor: Bill Abikoff

Text: Tom Apostol's Advanced Calculus 1, Second Edition

Hopefully this semester, the course will have projects and additional drill which will complement the class material. In the past couple of years, we lost some weeks to snowstorms.

Most members of the class were in my section last semester. There are some minor differences in the material covered in the two sections.

You might also find it interesting to compare this course with the MIT undergraduate courses on calculus from a theoretical viewpoint. Look at the OpenCourseWare project at MIT:

Their course number is 18.014. They use the same text but cover the material extremely quickly. They have a different notion of course credit than we do and their course carries significantly more credit than ours does.
MIT, Harvard have started a online consortium called EdX, which is more oriented to students. It is developing day by day. You might want to check it out every so often --- if you see anything interesting, please report back to all of us. There are at least two other consortia; they may offer interesting courseware too.

I often follow the questions asked by the class rather than my own notes --- so you should try to take good notes and I encourage you to share them.

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I will always be available, as often and as soon as needed, by appointment. e-mail is the most reliable means of contacting me.

Lists of homework assignments, projects and other information for students are given as given as hypertext links below. The lists are works in progress and will change as the semester progresses.


Projects  are available here.

New and important is a place where I'll put items as needed.

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