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Mathematics Education Seminar


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Title: Redirection and Other Methodological Conceptions Supportive of Students Sensemaking in Model-Based Learning Environments
Speaker: Todd Campbell (University of Connecticut)
Faculty Sponsor:Cardetti and Giambrone
Time: Wednesday, March 22, 2017 at 12:45 pm
Place: MONT 214Abstract: Science studies research has revealed how models serve as context dependent tools for organizing the day-to-day sensemaking work of scientists. When this is considered in recent calls for science learning environments to position students as legitimate participants in the social, epistemic, and material dimensions of science, modeling based learning (MBL) classroom environments emerge as important for more authentically representing scientific activity and supporting students developing modeling competence as they focus on explaining events that happen in the world. However, because the work of supporting studentsÂ’ engagement in modeling is complex, increased attention is needed for understanding the role of teachers in these learning environments. Redirection is one example of an emergent methodological construct that teachers can use in MBL environments to support sensemaking with studentsÂ’ ideas. This presentation will explore the potential promise of redirection, as well as other constructs, with the intention of better understanding and making explicit ways in which teachers can support student sensemaking in MBL environments.

Organizer: Fabiana A. Cardetti