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The colloquium is preceded by tea and cookies at 3:30 in MONT 201 and usually followed by dinner with the speaker.


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Title: Representation stability and finite linear groups
Speaker: Stephen Sam (University of Wisconsin)
Time: Thursday, March 23, 2017 at 4:00 pm
Place: MONT 214Abstract: Homological stability is the phenomenon in which the homology of a sequence of objects eventually becomes constant; representation stability is a generalization of this phenomenon when the objects have group actions. I will give an introductory overview of this and then discuss joint work with Andrew Putman in which the groups are finite linear groups like SL_n(Z/l) and the objects are congruence subgroups of various kinds. The techniques use ideas from commutative algebra and topology but I will keep the technicalities to a minimum.

Organizer: Ralf Schiffler